About Katek


About Katek Fertilizers Australia

Katek’s fertiliser products work in the soil, enriching structure and fertility, for healthy plants from the roots up!

At Katek Fertilizers, we believe that healthy soil produces healthy plants. Our range of soil conditioners and organic fertilizers are based on composted poultry manure and are formulated to improve soil health and build soil fertility. Katek Fertilizers products work within the soil, to improve soil structure and stimulate biology, for plants that are healthier and more resistant to pests and disease.

Why are more growers switching to Katek?

Naturally composted from the highest quality ingredients!


Rich in organic matter and live beneficial microbes due to our unique process!

We also inoculate beneficial microbes to further enhance our fertiliser products!

Slow release of all the nutrients you need for healthy soil and plants!

What our Customers Say

Decision Time in the Field

Sugar producers, Brett and Steve McKeering, from the banks of the Pioneer River at Mirani 35Km West of Mackay discuss their next move for their fallow soybean crop with industry experts Steve Newbery and Ian Faulkner. The nitrogen contribution from the beans will...

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How to Grow Hibiscus

Bring a bit of the tropics to your garden with some dramatic, bold and colourful hibiscus! Choose a Variety Choosing a variety is not just a case of picking a flower colour; there are single, semi-double and double blooms in a wide variety of shades from soft yellow...

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May Garden Guide 2019

“Gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so.” ~Joseph Joubert~ Feature Plant: Geranium! Classic colours & Memorable Scent!  Pelargoniums or widely known as Geraniums are one of the easiest flowers to grow with a tolerance for full sun positions...

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