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Commercial Grower Newsletter July-September 2017

Welcome to our new look Commercial Growers Newsletter! We have now launched our new website and we have a stack of new products including our classic range as well as NEW Liquid Fertilizers! Try our NEW formulated N-Phoska Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer: Feature Farm:...

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Tim Sullivan, Biloela Central Qld

For the past four years Tim has been using Katek Super Growth worked into the soil prior to planting to ensure the plants have the nutrients needed for their quick growing cycle.
Tim has found this seasons coriander to have vigour about it and the colour is right, due to Katek Super Growth of course! “We don’t use anything else.”

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Macadamias @ Falkirk Farm

Macadamias represent the very essence of Australia and this little native Australian nut has become a global success story. This month we visited Falkirk Farm, a beautiful macadamia orchard in Lower Wonga, Queensland. James & Aimee Thomas and their four young boys came from a background in cotton and moved to the region in search…

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