Little Plants Need Feeding Too

It`s easy to forget that small plants growing in small pots are even more reliant on fertiliser than their larger cousins.

Just ask Alex from Durack in Brisbane.

My Bonsai trees started really well but after six months or so, I noticed a reduction in growth rates, and also a colour change”.

“When I mentioned this to Robin from Robin Godfrey Bonsai’s in Oxley, he gave me some Katek Citrus and Fruit fertiliser. I just put a teaspoon on each tree and the result was amazing. He said that as well as the common nutrients you normally find in fertiliser it also had all of the trace elements my trees were probably lacking”.

“I couldn`t believe that such a small amount had such a dramatic effect!”

ABOVE: Alex with her Bonsai trees!

BELOW: Amazing leaf growth from Katek Citrus & Fruit fertiliser!