Liebig’s Law

During the 19th century, a German botanist by the name of Carl Sprengel theorised that plant growth potential was limited by the nutrient in the smallest concentration.

This theory was later popularised by Justus von Liebig and has since been known as Liebig`s law, or ‘The Law of the Minimum.’

The example in the picture tells us that adding more nitrogen or phosphorus will not make things better because it is potassium that is the limiting factor. This clearly shows us the power of really knowing what is really going on in your soil.

So how do we find out?

Soil tests are a great guide. They provide some real clues as to how best to handle the nutrient requirements of your crop. The thing is that there will not always be a product with your exact nutrient combination requirement, just sitting around on a shelf.

So what then?

Just ask Katek about creating a blend just for you suited to your specific requirements – with not too much or too little of anything. From Nitrogen to silicon, and including the all important Carbon, Katek can not only get the nutrient mix right but put it into a form that will suit your equipment. Whether you have worm drives, spinner spreaders, or air seeders, or you want to fertigate, there are plenty product options available. You only need to ask. 

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Bundaberg Success with Katek Custom Blend

Trevor Cross of Cross Farms, and Eddie Uridge from Northside Produce in Bundaberg, look at a block of Cabbages that were planted on a Katek Custom Blend.

High yielding crops remove large amounts of organic matter from the soil so replacing at least some of what is lost seems common sense.

We offer that option through a large range of off the shelf products, or as Trevor found out, by offering an endless array of possibilities through our custom blend capabilities!

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Customising an agricultural blend to exactly suit your needs is something we are passionate about. Many blend options are available, including synthetic, organic and mineral inputs in both physical and compound blends.

Customised organic/synthetic blends give you a high performance fertilizer that has all the benefits of an organic base. This combination of microbes, organic matter and plant available minerals is the ideal blend for improving overall soil and plant health.

To give you an idea of what products we have available take a look at our comprehensive PRODUCT GUIDE of organic and organic based fertilisers.

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For more information or to chat about product options, 

give Andrew a call on 0427 223 307.