Feature Plant:


Try your hand at growing a rewarding crop of the humble old bean this summer! The ultimate health food, beans in both the dwarf and the climbing variety love a position of full sun and prefer well drained soil in your vege patch.

Beans prefer warm weather and it’s a great idea not to plant your crop until the danger of cool weather has passed.
For an abundant crop make sure to prepare your soil with compost and manure. Don’t forget to mulch around your bean plants with Katek’s very own Not Just Mulch – to keeps weeds under control and keep your soil moist!

Remember to keep up a regular watering regime once or twice a week and use a good dose of our Katek Super Growth All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer every 3 weeks! Your bean’s will soon be healthy & green and you can expect to have a bountiful harvest in about 10 weeks from planting!

Feature Product:

Katek Super Grass Lawn Fertilizer!

Ideal for Lawns & Gardens! Our specialised composted poultry manure with synthetic high performance fertiliser provides excellent results on all types of nature and hybrid turf and lawns, including buffalo, couch, carpet grass! It’s the secret to a healthy, lush green lawn that’ll make the neighbours green with envy!

Feature Garden:

Robyn Bowman, Gympie Municipal Horticultural Society.

Robyn uses Katek products because she has attended lectures by the Katek team and visited their plant near Gympie. She is impressed by their knowledge of soil, their commitment to organic biological products and their capacity for making fertiliser for specific crops. Robyn likes the pulverised fertilizer because it seems to make its way through thick grassy mulch more quickly than pellets. The Katek team is a fixture at local garden shows, as both sponsors and stallholders, and Robyn enjoys finding new products such as the liquid fertiliser on sale at Gympie Garden Expo.

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Antirrhinum  Begonia  Carnation Cornflower   Cosmos  Dianthus   Gazania  Hollyhock  Impatiens  Lobelia  Marigold  Petunia  Salvia   Zinnia


Alyssum  Aster     Begonia  Carnation  Cockscomb  Dianthus Geranium  Gerbera  Impatiens Marigold   Pansy   Petunia  Rudebeckia  Sunflower  Verbena


Antirrhinum Begonia Carnation Coxscomb Coleus Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus Gerbera Kangaroo Paw Marigold Petunia Portulaca Salvia Sunflower Torenia Verbena


Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans   Broccoli  Carrot Celery   Eggplant  Lettuce  Mint   Pumpkin  Rockmelon  Silverbeet  Strawberries  Tomato


Artichokes  Asparagus  Beans Beetroot  Capsicum  Carrot   Chives   Ginger   Lettuce  Mint   Radish   Zucchini


Basil   Ginger   Mustard Greens Rosella   Sweet Corn  Sweet Potato

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Fertilize roses with a good quality rose food like Katek Rose & Flower.


  • Plant Day Lillies for their tough constitutions and generous blooming.


  • Prune fig trees to shape and improve fruit crop for the next season.  Mulch around the base.


  • Plant passionfruit vines with a boost of Katek Blood & Bone and lots of mulch & water.


  • Feed Mangoes & Bananas with Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer or an all round fertiliser like Super Growth.