Feature Plant:


Camellias! These lush, shiny, dark green shrubs that burst in autumn, winter & sometimes spring, with large, fragrant flowers ranging from whites, pinks, purple-reds and a range of bi-colours are an easy option in all home gardens!

These frost hardy bushes love a shady spot in your garden where they’ll be be protected from hot, drying winds and the summer sun. Camellias grow spectacularly in well drained, slightly acidic soil ranging between a pH of 6-6.5.

They are a low maintenance shrub that loves a good dose of our Katek Rose & Flower Fertilizer granules in December and also when the flowers are coming to an end. To care for their shallow roots, we recommend spreading a layer of Katek Not Just Mulch around the base of the plant to maintain moisture.

It is also a handy tip to get the most out of your camelia’s by feeding them with our Neptune Liquid Seaweed Concentrate on a ‘little and often’, regime every three to six weeks – to promote stronger roots and better flowers!

Feature Product:

Katek Neptune Seaweed Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer!

Our New Neptune Seaweed Concentrate liquid fertilizer is a complete garden treatment for healthy plants!

Not only does Neptune promote fruiting & flowering it also builds pest and disease resistance!

Feature Garden:

Ruth Subramaniam, Chatsworth, South East QLD.

Ruth’s garden is on a shale ridge at Chatsworth. She uses organic fertilizer pellets on most plants, especially the vegetables. Ruth is keen to recommend Katek pellets as she has noticed that over the years her garden soil has increased in volume, friability and moisture-retention.

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Alyssum  Aster   Crysanthemum Cornflower   Dahlia    Dianthus   Foxglove  Gazania   Hollyhock  Impatiens  Lobelia  Marigold  Petunia  Salvia   Zinnia


Ageratum  Aster     Balsam  Carnation  Cosmos    Dianthus Geranium  Gerbera  Impatiens Marigold   Pansy   Petunia  Rudebeckia  Sunflower  Verbena


Ageratum Amaranthus Begonia Crysanthemum Coxscomb Coleus Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus Gerbera Kangaroo Paw Marigold Petunia Portulaca Salvia Sunflower Torenia Verbena


Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans   Beetroot  Capsicum Cucumber  Leeks   Potato Pumpkin  Rockmelon  Silverbeet Sweet Corn  Tomato  Turnip


Artichokes  Asparagus  Basil  Capsicum  Coriander  Eggplant  Fennel   Pumpkin   Sweet Potato  Tomato  Turnip   Watermelon


Basil Ginger Sweet Corn Sweet Potato Taro

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Time to re-pot container plants, choosing bigger pots for those that have overgrown.
  • Cut off spiraling, overgrown roots if using the same pot.
  • Re-fill pots with Katek Potting Mix, which feeds plants for up to 6 months.
  • Cut back cordylines to encourage branching lower down. Prunings can be used to strike new plants later on.
  • Prune all flowers and plants that have previously flowered, encouraging new growth for Spring!