Super Feed

Super Feed All Purpose Liquid Fertiliser


Organic based, easy to use plant booster formulated to encourage a quick response.  Will boost plant health, root growth, encourage fruiting and flowering as well as improving the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Great for Vegetables, Flowering Plants, Citrus & Fruit and Lawns.

For a lush green lawn with healthy growth and colour, Super Feed provides a quick response while also improving the soil.

A unique blend that also helps improve and balance the soil.  Super Feed stimulates soil microbial activity, which helps in breaking down organic matter and increases nutrient availability within the soil.

Available in a handy 2L Hose on pack, 20L drum, 200 & 1000L pods.

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Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorous (P)
Potassium (K)
Sulphur (S)




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A 9L watering can will cover 3-5 square metres.  Always dilute as per directions.  For sensitive plants and seedlings, halve the application rate.

Hose on Instructions: Remove plug from nozzle and attach hose. Spray evenly onto lawns and gardens at the rate indicated in the table below.

75-125ml per 9L water Monthly during Summer. Reduce in Cooler Weather
Flower Beds
30-60ml per 9L water Apply Fortnightly
30-60ml per 9L water Apply Fortnightly
Fruit Trees
75-125ml per 9L water Apply every 2-3 months
Large Shrubs/Trees
40-80ml per 9L water Apply every 2 months

For detailed application rates please see product packaging.

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