Seaweed Fertilizer, why use it?

For centuries, seaweed (and specifically Kelp) has been used as a fertiliser to improve crop production.  For the home gardener, it acts as a complete garden treatment that helps build overall plant and soil health.

When to use a Liquid Seaweed?

Seaweed will benefit the garden any time of year, however it is most helpful in times of hot, dry weather or in areas prone to frosts.  Regular applications of a liquid seaweed help to develop strong plant cells, building resistance against disease and protection against environmental stresses.

What can I use a Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer on?

It can be used on the entire garden.  It will help promote strong root development, improve the quality, taste and abundance of flowers and fruits.  For use on plants, flowers and lawns as well as fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and natives.


The BIG benefits:

Tough Plants

Treating seeds or seedlings prior to planting or transplanting will improve root growth and vigour and help prevent transplant shock.

Seaweed plays an important role in building pest and disease resistance.  The complex carbohydrates in Seaweed stimulates the microbial fungi in the soil which are involved in defending the plants from soil borne diseases.  Winner winner!

Better Taste & Yields

When applied to vegetables and fruits it helps increase crop yield and fruit sugars, improves resistance to disease and stress and increases the plants uptake of nutrients.

Healthy Growth

Seaweed has a broad and balanced range of nutrients, containing more than 70 minerals, vitamins and enzymes. As most plants will absorb nutrients through their leaves, applying as a foliar spray will increase the benefit to the plant. This helps promote early flowering and cropping and promotes vigorous, healthy growth.

Seaweed Fertilizer means healthy, happier plants!


Katek’s Neptune Liquid Seaweed Concentrate is the best garden treatment for keeping plants happy and healthy!  Available online and instore.