We have just released a fantastic mulch product that is great for keeping weeds down around the garden. It works best around trees and in garden beds.

Many gardeners have also been incorporating it into the garden beds by digging it in which works to add organic matter and improve the soil.

TIP Keep mulch away from the base of any plants and avoid using on seedlings.

Why Use Mulch

A good mulch can save you a lot of time in the garden and help protect your plants. Some of the main benefits for heading out and grabbing a bag of Katek Not Just Mulch

Keeping weeds under control. Nobody wants a garden full of weeds, they steal resources from the garden plants you are trying to grow!

Mulch is great for holding in moisture by stopping water from evaporating from your soil and protecting the plants from drying out.

Helping to moderate changes in soil temperature, an example of this is keeping the roots of your citrus trees cool over the hot summer.

It adds welcome nutrition to your garden and plants as the mulch breaks down. By adding organic matter to the soil, you are improving its ability to hold moisture and giving it a nutrient boost at the same time!


Not Just MULCH

  • Keep weeds under control
  • Boost the soil with organic matter
  • Enhance plant growth
  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Available in 55l bags, bulk bags or loose bulk.