Feature Plant:


Winter is the ideal time to give your roses some attention. Tackle the task of pruning your rose bushes this June or July! Prune them back to 1/3 of the original plant to allow more exposure to sunlight, encourage new growth and reduce disease!

If you’re in a colder climate of Australia hold off a hard prune until early August to avoid frosts killing off the new shoots, before they’ve had a chance to sprout!

Three weeks after your winter prune, we recommend fertilizing your roses with our NEW Rose and Flower Fertilizer granules and continue to apply this every 6 weeks.

If you want even more out of your blooms in the next season, apply a good dose of our NEW Neptune Liquid Seaweed every 3 weeks and mulch around your rose bushes with our poultry manure enhanced Not Just Mulch. Your Rose bushes will be healthy, full of new growth and an abundance of bright, colourful blooms come Spring!

Feature Product:

Katek Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules!

Introducing our new Rose and Flower Fertilizer granules! We have created a specialised combination of organic composted poultry manure + beneficial trace elements! Rose & Flower Fertilizer is ideal for strong, healthy plant growth and bright, colourful blooms! Just one 3kg bucket will cover approximately 30sqm!


Feature Farm:

Joe Petersen, Petersen’s Farm, Woolooga, South East QLD

“We grow 4 to 5 thousand Rosella plants each year. We find Katek Super Growth is ideal and has boosted yield by 20% and the plants look fantastic”.

“We also grow a few tonnes of Snow Peas. We plant on Katek Super Growth and on flowering, side dress with Katek N Phoska which has the right amount of nitrogen to boost yield and potash to give large size of pods.  We have stopped using chemical fertiliser all together now, we see the great advantage of Katek products which are looking after our soil”

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Alyssum  Aquilegia   Begonia Calendula  Cineraria   Cornflower Delphinium   Dianthus  Foxglove  Geranium   Hollyhock   Larkspur  Lobelia  Nemesia   Pansy   Polyanthus  Poppy    Primula   Ranunculus   Snapdragon   Viola


Ageratum   Alyssum  Candytuft    Carnation   Cornflower  Cyclamen  Delphinium   Dianthus   Everlasting Daisy   Geranium  Iceland Poppy  Impatiens  Marigold   Pansy   Sweet Pea


Ageratum   Aster   Balsam    Carnation   Cosmos  Dahlia Dianthus,  Everlasting Daisy Gazania Geranium  Gerbera  Impatiens Kangaroo Paw  Marigold  Nasturtium Petunia  Portulaca   Snapdragon Sunflower  Verbena  Zinnia


Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Broad Beans  Onions  Garlic Peas & Snow Peas Radishes Shallots Spinach


Lettuce  Onion   Spinach  Rocket   Beetroot  Coriander Cauliflower  Snow Peas  Broccoli


Watermelon  Eggplant  Cucumber  Potatoes   Cabbage   Broccoli  Lettuce  Pak Choy  Basil Radish    Turnip    Carrot

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Re-mulch around rose bushes & citrus trees


  • Fertilise winter growing vegetables mid-morning with our NEW Katek Super Growth All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer!


  • Reduce frost injury by gently hosing over plants first thing in the morning. Don’t remove frost-damaged sections of plants to provide protection to the still growing plants underneath.


  • Prune plants that flowered in summer or autumn


  • Take cuttings of your favourite frangipani trees