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A Great Range of Commercial Grower Products

Katek’s range of products contain live beneficial microbes and trace minerals, you are sure to find the perfect soil enriching solution for optimal growing health and nutrition. For use on any vegetable, fruit, flower, plant, grass or tree crops. We also produce products suited for use on natives, shrubs and palms.

Customised agricultural blends are our specialty. Katek can tailor a fertiliser blend to suit your particular soil and crop needs. Many blend options are available, including synthetic, organic and mineral inputs in both physical and compound blends.  Our products are based on naturally composted poultry manure, with products developed to suit a range of crops.

We have a number of stockists throughout Australia.  Visit our Where to Buy page to find a store near you or click below to view our full range of organic and organic based fertilisers.

Katek Fertilizers Australia Product Range

What our Customers Say

Katek at the Mackay Expo!

Recently on Andrew's travels he made a quick stop in sunny Mackay, Qld. It also happened to be the  Mackay Expo at that time, the 19th & 20th of May, which he decided would be worth a look. He spoke to a lot of great customers and came across Gavin & Kaihla...

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Successful weekend at the Gympie Garden Expo

Once again, our Katek fertiliser range was on display at the Gympie Garden Expo. This year we teamed up with Jacinta at Natives R Us - Traveston and had our full display stand set up at her site. With a spotlight on our two newest products - SuperCal clay breaker...

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Commercial Growers Newsletter April-June 2018

Organic Fertilisers and modern farming; a paradox? Agriculture, in particular agriculture along the coastal rim, is finding itself under ever increasing scrutiny and regulation, from government, community, and the industry itself. The primary point of this focus lies...

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