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Katek Organic Fertilizers

Naturally Composted

Naturally composted from the highest quality ingredients!


Rich In Organic Matter

Rich in organic matter and live beneficial microbes due to our unique process!

Beneficial Nicrobes

We also inoculate beneficial microbes to further enhance our products!

Slow Release Nutrients

Slow release of all the nutrients you need for healthy soil and plants!

Katek manufactures a complete range of premium liquid and pelletised fertilisers for home gardeners, landscapers and commercial growers.
Take a look around our range of quality products.

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Latest News

How to Revive a Lawn that is Brown and Patchy

If an extreme dry season has taken its toll on your lawn and your lawn is like a fake tan gone wrong - brown and patchy - we can step you through what to do to get a lackluster lawn back to a healthy carpet of lush green. When your lawn is patchy after a dry Winter...

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October Garden Guide 2019

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies." ~ Gertrude Jekyll ~ Feature Plant: Rockmelon! Rolley Polley Juicy Fruit that's oh so delicious! This tasty fruit is best grown from seed in small pots and then transplanted to a warm, full sunny spot in the...

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How to Grow Pumpkins

Nothing says “Winter” to me more than a delicious pot of spiced pumpkin soup simmering on the stove! If you want to be stirring a pot of soup this winter or enjoying some roasted pumpkin on a Sunday, now is a great time to get those seeds in the ground! Choose a...

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