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Katek Organic Fertilizers

Naturally Composted

Naturally composted from the highest quality ingredients!


Rich In Organic Matter

Rich in organic matter and live beneficial microbes due to our unique process!

Beneficial Nicrobes

We also inoculate beneficial microbes to further enhance our products!

Slow Release Nutrients

Slow release of all the nutrients you need for healthy soil and plants!

Katek manufactures a complete range of premium liquid and pelletised fertilisers for home gardeners, landscapers and commercial growers.
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Latest News

April Garden Guide 2021

April Garden Guide 2021

    Flowers: Cool Climate/Temperate Climate Alyssum, aurora daisy, cineraria, cornflower, cyclamen, English daisy, French marigold, Iceland poppy, lobelia, lupin, pansy, polyanthus, primula, snapdragon, stock, strawflower, sweet pea and viola. Sub-Tropical Climate...

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How to Grow Amaranth

How to Grow Amaranth

Growing in a range of beautiful coloured flowers and bright green leaves, Amaranth are sure to make an impression in any garden. CHOOSE A VARIETY The Globe Amaranth are a perennial flower which resemble a clover and come in shades of pink, red, purple, yellow and...

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March Garden Guide 2021

March Garden Guide 2021

  FEATURE PLANT     Leptospermum Scoparium     An evergreen shrub with long stems with needle like leaves that produce spectacular small blooms of red, pink & white! You won’t be disappointed with this little beauty in your garden! Where...

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