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Katek Organic Fertilizers

Naturally Composted

Naturally composted from the highest quality ingredients!


Rich In Organic Matter

Rich in organic matter and live beneficial microbes due to our unique process!

Beneficial Nicrobes

We also inoculate beneficial microbes to further enhance our products!

Slow Release Nutrients

Slow release of all the nutrients you need for healthy soil and plants!

Katek manufactures a complete range of premium liquid and pelletised fertilisers for home gardeners, landscapers and commercial growers.
Take a look around our range of quality products.

Happy Growing!

Latest News

Great Results Growing at Home!

Home Gardening Made Easy with Katek's organic, nutrient rich fertiliser products! Feature Garden: Rachael & Matthew Dodd, Gympie Qld! “Using Katek Fertilizers I have managed to grow the best veggies I have ever grown with minimal effort!I use Super Growth on the...

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September Garden Guide 2020

“ By bringing a consciousness to gardening sacred space can be created outdoors” ~ S. Kelley Harrell ~ Feature Plant: Lemonade! Sweet and juicy - best straight off the tree or freshly squeezed on ice! This evergreen citrus tree usually brought as a grafted tree from...

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Katek Commercial Growers Newsletter July-September 2020

. . ph & Why it Matters . . It is believed that the term pH translates from German to mean “Power of Hydrogen”. It is a universal measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The scale runs from 0 to 14 and is logarithmic. For example a pH 6 is 10 times...

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