Organic Super Growth

Put LIFE back in your soil!

with an all-purpose fertilizer containing live beneficial microbes and trace minerals for optimal soil health and nutrition.

Super Growth is based on biologically active, fully composted poultry manure. Super Growth also contains a number of other ingredients chosen for their ability to enhance plant growth, promote strong root and shoot development and improve fruiting and flowering.

Super Growth will help improve soil condition and water retention, delivering a slow continuous release of essential nutrients, with no risk of burning.

For lush lawns, vibrant flowers and an abundance of tasty fruits and vegetables, Super Growth does it all!

Australian Organic registered product, suitable for use on organic farms.

Available as Pellets, Short Pellets, Granules & Fines.

Available in a wide range of sizes including 15 & 25kg bags, bulka bags and loose bulk.

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As well as fully composted poultry manure,Super Growth contains:

Natural Rock Phosphate

a colloidal form of phosphorous & rich source of plant available calcium

Sulphate of Potash

high in potassium and important for pest resistance, improved colour & fruit flavour

Rock Minerals

for a wide range of slow release trace elements & minerals for increased soil health


important for the supply of nutrients throughout the growth cycle

Fish Meal

slow release nitrogen and phosphorous for strong, healthy growth

Blood and Bone

for strong root & shoot growth

Also includes Natural Gypsum, Seaweed Extract and Worm Castings

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Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorous (P)
Potassium (K)
Calcium (Ca)
Magnesium (Mg)
Sulphur (S)
Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn)
Copper (Cu)
Zinc (Zn)
Boron (B)
Molybdenum (Mo)


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Vegetable Beds & Flowers
300g m²
Planting Trees & Shrubs*
Ornamental Roses
100g m²
50-75g m²
Azaleas, Natives & Acid Loving Plants
50g m²
Fruit Trees*


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*Per Plant.Please Note – the Application Rates above have been condensed, for more detailed rates refer to the back packaging on the particular product. This information is to be used as a guide only. Rates will vary due to soil types and environmental conditions.Soil tests & PH levels should be checked prior to application to obtain the greatest benefit.

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