What our Customers Say about Katek’s Organic Fertilizer Products

Ray Eather, Marlee NSW


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Joan Juler, Gympie, South East Qld

An avid gardener Joan is always outside in her beautiful gardens. She grows a range of bright, colourful, odd and usual plants ranging from; hibiscus, hydrangeas, orchids, gingers, natives, bromeliads, flowering shrubs & trees as well as hardy succulents and...

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Rae & Gaye Harris, Buderim Qld

Rae & Gaye have been using Katek products for many years in their tranquil garden in Buderim. The garden is a work of art, pulling together seperate feature areas and created for quiet...

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Bob & Glenise Wahrlich, Gympie Qld

Bob & Glenise have been using Katek products on their stunning garden since 2013. Being situated at the corner of their street, they get plenty of comments on their garden as the flowers are on display for all to enjoy. "I love to plant petunias for colour under...

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Anne Fraser, Pie Creek Qld

A long-time garden enthusiast, Anne has created her garden with an amazing assortment of drought tolerant and sun hardy varieties of flowers, shrubs, natives, vegetables & fruit trees to suit the harsh Queensland weather. A big fan of organic fertiliser and...

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Ross Cotton & The Veggie Patch, Hervey Bay Qld

Ross Cotton lives in the coastal township of Hervey Bay, Queensland. Ross's Herb & Vegetable garden has grown into a highly productive food production. 'People ask me how do you keep your garden looking so healthy? The answer is quite simple. STOP using...

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Neil Hansen, Chatsworth Qld

'PLANTS JUST WENT WILD WITH GROWTH' Neil was chasing something to quickly establish his new front garden, to hide the house tanks and shed on his property. So he asked around for a reputable organic fertiliser and decided on using Katek Fertilizer products. Here's...

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Alex Weeks, Durack Qld

Little Plants Need Feeding Too
It`s easy to forget that small plants growing in small pots are even more reliant on fertiliser than their larger cousins.

Just ask Alex from Durack in Brisbane.

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Laurel English, North Qld

Laurel and Gary live in the beachside village of Greenhill about an hours drive south of Mackay in Central Queensland. Having to deal with poor soil quality and limited water due to no town supply, has meant Laurel has found gardening a bit of a challenge. However...

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Beryl Dan, Gympie Qld

Beryl is a long time fruit, vegetable and flower home gardener. She has been using Katek Super Growth on her garden; stating, “I can’t wait to see more results in a few months – so far so good, I’m very happy with Katek fertilizers on my garden.”

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Jade Simpkins, Beerwah Qld

Jade Simpkins, has a house block with a large backyard in Beerwah, Qld. She was searching for something to revive her dead, weed-infested lawn and gave us a call at Katek HQ. She purchased some Katek Super Grass and this is what she had to say….

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Henry Kross, Wolvi Qld

Henry & Del Kross of Wolvi, “We have trialled different fertilisers but always seem to go back to Katek. The old adage is ‘If you’re on a good thing, stick to it.”

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Kevin Rimmington, Buderim Qld

Kevin grows a wide range of delights in his small garden in Buderim. He has been using Katek products for several years and has tried and tested the full range of products. Orchids are his passion, as an active member of his local Orchid Society he often travels to garden shows and displays his gorgeous blooms.

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Robyn Bowman, Gympie Qld

Robyn Bowman, secretary of the Gympie Municipal Horticultural Society uses Katek Super Booster fertiliser for her home garden!

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Coral Ernst, Gympie Qld

Coral Ernst has been a farmer and gardener for over 70 years and has used Katek Super Booster organic fertiliser pellets and granules for two years, noticing an improvement of the soil!

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Ruth Subramaniam, Gympie Qld

Ruth from Chatsworth, South East Qld, uses Katek products on most plants, especially vegetables and is keen to recommend Katek super booster organic fertiliser pellets!

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Roy & Kerry Gibson, Garden Jazz

“We would like to endorse Katek Super Growth. We have been using this product in our business for over 10 years throughout our 45 properties from Maroochydore to Golden Beach.”
“We recommend only these products to any and all who seek our advice”.

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John & Joyce Walsh, Small Crop Growers

“I’m very happy with it, we use it on all of our vegetables. We like to pick it as fresh as we can; everything is young and lush, which produces the good flavour”, he said. As someone who enjoys the fruits of his own labour, Mr Walsh can testify to the goodness of his crop.

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Gavin, Turfgrass – Mackay Qld

Turfgrass Queensland currently operates farms at Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville with some 300 acres under production. Gavin Franettovich from Turfgrass Mackay has been using bulk bags of Katek Supergrass on his turf farms as well as retailing Katek Supergrass in...

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David Durrand, Home Gardener

“The transformation (of our lawns) has been amazing, the lawns have greened up, the bare and thinning patches gone.
It is pleasing to use a product that actually does what it says it does.”

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