Neptune Liquid

Neptune Liquid Seaweed – a Complete Garden Health Treatment!

Seaweed Concentrate

A complete garden treatment for healthy, happy plants!

An all year round seaweed concentrate that improves nutrient uptake, promotes strong root development, flowering and fruiting & builds resistance against pests and disease.

Seaweed plays an important role in the garden. While it will benefit the garden any time of year, it is most useful in times of hot, dry weather or in areas prone to frosts.  By helping the development of strong plant cells, regular applications of liquid seaweed builds resistance against disease and helps the plant recover quickly in times of stress.

Seaweed has a broad and balanced range of nutrients, which helps promote early flowering and cropping and increases the sugar content of fruit.

For use on all plants, flowers, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and natives.

Available in 1L & 5L bottles & 20L drums

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Shake Bottle Well.  Always dilute with water as per directions.  Use as an all year round health treatment applied to foliage and soil around the plant.  A 9L watering can covers approximately 3-5 square metres.

1 capful = 10ml

When Planting
Apply weekly until established
Apply every 1-3 weeks
Established Garden
Apply every 1-3 weeks all year
Large Shrubs/Trees
Apply around dripline every 4 weeks
Apply every 2-4 weeks

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