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Katek has the perfect Potting Mix for your potted plants or garden beds and a range of nutrient rich fertilizers to deliver vibrant flowers,  bountiful fruit and veges, and super grass for lush lawns. There are also organic fertilizer products suited for use on natives, shrubs and palms.


Did you know shipping fertilizers is free when you make a purchase from our online range? Shop Online or click below to view our full range of fertilizers including our Australian Organic registered products.  Visit our Where to Buy page to find our Australian made products available from a store near you.

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Garden Guides & Testimonials

Great Results Growing at Home!

Home Gardening Made Easy with Katek's organic, nutrient rich fertiliser products! Feature Garden: Rachael & Matthew Dodd, Gympie Qld! “Using Katek Fertilizers I have managed to grow the best veggies I have ever grown with minimal effort!I use Super Growth on the...

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September Garden Guide 2020

“ By bringing a consciousness to gardening sacred space can be created outdoors” ~ S. Kelley Harrell ~ Feature Plant: Lemonade! Sweet and juicy - best straight off the tree or freshly squeezed on ice! This evergreen citrus tree usually brought as a grafted tree from...

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Big, Beautiful Blooms!

Feature Garden: Kristin Ernst, Lower Wonga Qld! BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS! Roses are the main feature in Kristin’s garden and are grown using a combination of Rose & Flower fertilizer and Neptune seaweed to keep them blooming prolifically and the plants healthy and...

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