Nurture Liquid Fertilizer

Nurture Liquid Fertilizer


Nurture All Purpose Liquid is a plant based fertiliser formulated to promote rapid plant growth through foliar or soil applications.  This rapid growth is achieved due to Nuture containing plant available nutrients and feeding the plant through both the roots and leaves.

The Benefits:

  • Supports strong plant & root growth
  • Increased profitability through higher yields for commercial crops
  • Stimulates biological activity
  • Carbon rich, high energy microbe food
  • Improved nutrient availability

Australian Organic Certified Input (451)

Suits a broad range of applications, including fruit and nut trees, lawns and pastures, vegetables & herbs, ornamentals and shrubs.

Available in 1L & 5L bottles, 20L drum, 200 & 1000L pods.

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Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorous (P)
Potassium (K)




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Always dilute as per directions.  For sensitive plants and seedlings, halve the application rate.

New Lawns
100ml per 9L watering can. Apply weekly until established
When Planting
50ml per 9L watering can.  Apply at rate of 1L per square metre
Pots & Garden Beds
40-50ml per 9L watering can Apply Fortnightly all year round
Large Shrubs & Trees
150ml per 9L watering can.  Apply every 2 weeks all year round

For detailed application rates and commercial applications please see product packaging.

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