Potting Mix

Superior Blend Organic Enriched

Katek Superior Blend Potting Mix is a blend of premium quality, well composted organic materials. Suitable for most indoor and outdoor plants, ornamental and flowering plants in both small to large pots, containers, outdoor garden beds and hanging baskets.

Includes Water Saving Crystals for excellent water retention and added fertilizer with trace elements for successful growing requirements.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Added Slow Release Fertilizers
  • Added Water Saving Crystals

Available in 55L bags, bulka bags and loose bulk.

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Step 1 Preferably water a potted plant thoroughly and allow to drain before re-potting.

Step 2 Choose a clean, well drained pot which is at least 50mm larger than the old pot.

Step 3 Remove the plant from the old pot and ‘tease’ or loosen the smaller root hairs. If the plant is root bound cut away the older roots.

Step 4 After placing a layer of this mixture in the new pot, centralise the plant and soak the pot with water and allow to drain. Fill around the plant with Katek Potting Mix to within 30mm from the top of the pot.

Step 5 Water thoroughly again. Enjoy your plant!

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  • Don’t let the pot dry out completely. Keep the mixture damp to the touch.
  • Daily watering is sometimes required in Summer. Weekly watering is generally adequate in Winter.
  • Don’t overwater!
  • Do feed the plant with a slow release fertilizer. We recommend using Katek Organic Super Booster Fertilizer Pellets or Katek Organic Super Growth Pellets. Feeding may be needed after several months. Note: Watering will by necessity leach fertilizer nutrients from the pot and therefore need to be replaced.
  • Do give the plant adequate light.


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