Paul Robke –  Mackay

Paul Robke, a sugar cane farmer from Mackay, once considered the farmland just outside the city to be the best soil in the district. Yet, in Paul’s lifetime, this soil had undergone significant change.


“If I go back to when we were kids things here were better, the cane was better, the soil was better, it even smelled better”.


This sentiment led Paul to look at what might be causing the difference and combat the changes with a new fertilizer, which is what led him to Katek.


“A few years ago I put a strip of Katek Super Booster in a block of plant cane as a bit of a trial.” Super Booster is a pelletised product made from naturally composted poultry manure. Paul didn’t expect a dramatic change but “saw enough of a difference in that trial strip to have a dig, and for the first time in ages, found earthworms. Seeing some life returning, it made me start wondering about what else might have been missing”.



Paul Robke & Katek’s Andrew Weeks

Whilst Paul had seen some progress in his test strip, he felt microbes may be the missing link. This is where Ian Faulkner from Crop Wise comes into the story.  “Halfway through last year I was talking to Pauly and I happened to mention a new Katek product that Weeksy (Andrew) told me about called SuperStart Trio”.


SuperStart Trio is a biological plant starter that kickstarts growth for better yield and harvest quality. Rich in amino acids and carbon, it sets up the environment for the accompanying biology to thrive.


“His ears pricked up straight away, and I could see that as soon as we talked about what was in it, he was going to give it a try”.


For Paul giving it a try turned into putting it onto half the farm.” I did a bit of my own research on the microbes in the SuperStart and they are well known to be beneficial. I thought, why miss an opportunity, in the big scheme of things it is such a small cost.”


On a recent farm tour it was clear Paul was happy with his decision. “Right from the start the SuperStart treatments were better. The cane was greener sooner and for longer than the standard fertiliser we all use. But the proof to me came when I was spraying in the high tractor, there was a foot difference in height”.


“My only regret is that I didn’t do the whole farm, but I will this year”.

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