Feature Plant:


Get your secateurs out this August! Your citrus trees will be in need of a good prune! If you’re in a frost-free zone start your pruning late winter to early spring, and if not hold off until mid to late spring, it’s generally recommended immediately after harvest.

Don’t forget to remove 20% of the tree canopy each year and make sure you apply our NEW N-Phoska Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer Pellets as well as a good helping of our Katek poultry manure enhanced Not Just Mulch around the base of your trees.

For a healthy boost continue to feed your citrus trees our fertilizer every 6 weeks and keep up a regular watering routine!

Feature Product:

Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer Pellets!

Introducing our NEW Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer pellets! N-Phoska + Trace Elements Formulated with boosted potash to enhance flowers and fruit! Keep your fruit and citrus trees happy and thriving by using our fertilizer every six weeks! Available in 3kg buckets & 20kg bags.

Feature Garden:

Coral Ernst, Gympie, South East QLD

Coral has been a farmer & gardener for over 70 years. As a child, her mother allocated each of her children a tree surrounded by a fence. Inside the fence, was a small garden. Coral remembers her mother kick-starting the little garden with a canna and zinnia.

Coral is a wise, knowledgeable gardener with a productive garden of fruit trees and vegetables. She uses Katek Super Booster organic fertiliser pellets and lately, the granular version. She fertilises fruit trees and vines about every six months. She has used Katek for 2 years & has noticed an improvement of the soil!

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Alyssum  Calendula Cineraria  Cornflower  Daisy Delphinium  Dianthus  Hollyhock  Larkspur  Lobelia  Marigold  Pansy  Petunia Poppy Primula  Snapdragon  Sunflower  Viola


Alyssum  Calendula  Cornflower  Dianthus  Lobelia  Marigold  Pansy  Petunia  Phlox  Strawflower  Viola


Alyssum   Amaranthus  Begonia  Cosmos  Celosia  Marigold  Petunia  Phlox  Salvia  Sunflower


Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Broad Beans   Cabbage   Lettuce   Onion   Peas   Radish    Snow Peas   Spinach


Artichokes  Asparagus  Basil  Beans  Beetroot  Capsicum  Carrot  Celery  Chilli Pepper


Basil  Cabbage  Cucumber  Ginger  Oregano  Pak Choy  Squash  Sweet Corn  Sweet Potato

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Prune Hibiscus this month. Mulch around the base of the plant and fertilise.


  • Prune your citrus trees and fertilise with Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer.


  • Re-mulch your garden beds as the warmer weather comes in. The ideal depth is about 10cm deep with Katek Not Just Mulch to stop weeds growing through and maintain soil moisture.


  • Feed flowers and winter vegetables fortnightly using Katek Neptune Seaweed Liquid.