Organic Fertilisers and modern farming; a paradox?

Agriculture, in particular agriculture along the coastal rim, is finding itself under ever increasing scrutiny and regulation, from government, community, and the industry itself. The primary point of this focus lies with sediment and nutrient runoff into the Great  Barrier Reef Lagoon. The last three decades have not only seen vast improvements in cultural farming practices surrounding tillage and moisture conservation, but also our understanding of the way nutrients behave in both soil and water. This has in turn led to measurable environmental improvements through changes in fertiliser practice via application, timing, and product choice. But there is much still to do.


Historically, organic material was the number one way to provide plants with additional nutrients. The advent of modern day fertilisers changed that balance but in the process played a significant role in creating the concerns addressed in the first paragraph. So this begs the question “What role can organic fertilisers play in modern agriculture?”. The short answer is that organics have a critical part to play, from not only an environmental perspective, but a productivity one as well.

Next Commercial Newsletter, we will delve into just how and why that is possible in greater detail.

Poultry Manure Pellets Boost Ginger Production:

An article by the ABC showcases the increase in ginger production from a trial of composted poultry manure pellets.  The trial saw production almost double in a test plot comparing compost, poultry manure pellets and raw poultry litter.  The research highlights the fact that raw manure may be a cheaper option but the risks to food safety make poultry manure pellets the product of choice. Composted poultry manure pellets like Katek Super Booster and Katek Super Growth are composted at high temperatures, which kills off pests, pathogens and weed seeds. Just a few of the improvements to soil health from using poultry manure pellets:

  • suppressing disease
  • increasing organic matter
  • slow release of nutrients as the pellet breaks down

With pelletised chicken manure products you can include a range of trace elements in the pellet, helping to correct deficiencies in the soil. Katek’s Super Growth Fertiliser has a range of added ingredients to promote strong plant growth and improve soil condition.


~The history of the land is etched in the

faces of the farmers who till it ~


*Katek’s Rose & Flower Organic Fertilizer*

An Organic Based Granule with added Trace Elements

Our new Rose & Flower Fertilizer is made with an organic composted poultry manure base, specially formulated for strong, healthy plant growth and bright colourful blooms. It provides both quick and slow release nutrients to ensure sustainable growth and blooms over time.

This organic fertilizer contains the full range of trace elements to correct nutrient deficiencies and improve bud to flower conversion and foliage colour.  Our Rose and Flower Fertiliser contains a balanced range of nutrients with increased potassium for enhanced flowering.

The organic base adds carbon and provides soil microbiology. Ideal for use on all flowering plants and shrubs, potted plants and roses.

Available in 3kg buckets. Larger sizes on request.


Check out these amazing results of Rose & Flower Fertilizer on the roses at Katek Headquarters!