The many faces of Calcium

Of all the nutrients plants need to grow properly, Calcium is arguably the most complex, and the simplest at the same time. It has major roles in plant cell structure and strength, through to helping hold fruit on the plant. It has an important role in soil structure, and is also a major part of soil chemistry.


To get inside the plant, calcium has a relatively small part of the root tip to enter. Subsequently damage of any kind to the root tips can prevent this from occurring. Uptake is also dependant on the plants transpiration rate so when the plant is under stress calcium intake reduces. And once it does arrive inside it cannot be repositioned to the new tissue so deficiency symptoms will show in the new growth or fruit. It all sounds a bit difficult, but under normal circumstances uptake occurs easily with very little energy cost.


When it comes to the soil, calcium belongs to a group of positively charged elements known as cations. These particles readily attach to clay, and alongside organic matter play a key role in forming good soil structure. However these cations do need to be present in in a particular balanced ratio for this effect to occur and calcium should to be the leader of the pack. Common opinions are that it should make up between 40 and 60% of the total cation volume, though it`s common for it to be as little 15 or 20%. If your soil is in this position the obvious answer will be to just add lime right?

Well not necessarily. Calcium is available in a variety of forms, and each one will have a slightly different effect on pH, so having an idea of where your soils pH sits will largely determine which one you choose. Lime will raise Ph, gypsum is generally pH neutral, and Katek Super Cal will very slightly lower pH, add in the different ways these products need to be applied and you are on your way to deciding which one is for you.


The many benefits of Poultry Manure Fertiliser!

Composted poultry manure pellets like Katek Super Booster and Katek Super Growth are composted at high temperatures, which kills off pests, pathogens and weed seeds.

Just a few of the improvements to soil health from using poultry manure pellets:

  • Suppressing disease
  • Increasing organic matter and
  • Slow release of nutrients as the pellet breaks down

Our Sales Manager Andrew Weeks would love to answer any questions you may have about our products and help you choose the right product for your fertiliser program or customise a blend to suit your soil needs.


For more information or to chat about product options, give Andrew a call on 0427 223 307.

Super Feed All Purpose Liquid Fertiliser


Organic based, easy to use plant booster formulated to encourage a quick response.  Will boost plant health, root growth, encourage fruiting and flowering as well as improving the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Great for Vegetables, Flowering Plants, Citrus & Fruit and Lawns. For a lush green lawn with healthy growth and colour, Super Feed provides a quick response while also improving the soil.

A unique blend that also helps improve and balance the soil.  Super Feed stimulates soil microbial activity, which helps in breaking down organic matter and increases nutrient availability within the soil.

Available in a handy 2L Hose on pack, 20L drum, 200 & 1000L pods.