In our last discussion we looked at the law of the minimum and how your plants potential is limited by the nutrient in the least supply. I want to take this idea a little further this issue and see just what it is your soil might be lacking.


Depending on which scientist you choose to believe there are between 16 and 18 elements that are considered essential for plant growth, and we will all be familiar with at least a few of these. N, P and K are of course the most recognisable because they are used in the largest quantities and as a result we tend to lean towards them as the first port of call when we suspect there is a nutrition deficiency. However the answer often lies a little deeper way down amongst the trace elements.


Magnesium, copper, zinc, boron, manganese and iron are the six “major” trace elements and despite being required in just a fraction of the volume of their “major” cousins they are every bit as important. The question is what to do if  you suspect that your plants are suffering a deficiency of one or all of these nutrients.


Unless you are an experienced agronomist, trace element deficiencies are notoriously difficult to diagnose by sight and I have seen much time and money wasted attempting to pick which nutrient may be needed. This is why I think the shotgun approach is a reasonable idea. Applying a product that has all of these things included means there is no guessing and equally if the plant shows no response you can safely assume that the problem is not nutrition.


Fertilisers containing all of the major and minor nutrients are rare nowadays, but Katek still has one. Super Phoska Citrus and Fruit fertiliser has every nutrient from nitrogen to molybdenum as well as carbon. It provides organic, slow release nutrients as well as immediate release ones and comes in a wide variety of pack sizes from 3kg buckets to 1000Kg Bulk Bags. This fertiliser is a “Go to when all else fails” kind of product that every gardener or farmer should be familiar with.


So next time you look at your plants, whether they are pot plants or wheat crops, have a think about the small things.

Giant Zucchinis!

Amongst the drought we’ve all been experiencing,  Kevin & Lyn have had great success growing GIANT backyard Zucchinis at their home in Bli Bli, Qld!


Not only has their crop been larger than normal but the flavours of their magnificent crop have been exceptional too. Kevin noted that his trick to growing successfully is all to do with the preparation of the soil.


He starts by putting lawn clippings on the garden bed from summer, then adds in some lime and then he adds to that a hefty quantity of Super Growth pellets to the soil and digs it all in together. He usually lets the garden rest until Autumn and then adds another dose of Super Growth pellets and turns the soil over well.


Then he plants in whatever crop he is growing, in this case Zucchini and waters it in well with Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer. He keeps up a regular watering regime and then 3 weeks later repeats the dose of Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer.

Just look at the results!

Product Spotlight:

Super-Phoska + Trace Elements Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer Pellets

Pelletised with a special formula for an Abundance of Delicious, Healthy Fruit!

A complete enriching formula based on composted poultry manure and boosted with potash and more, for an abundance of large, healthy fruit with loads of flavour!


We have improved on the popular product used by many gardeners by adding Potassium and some slow release Phosphorus to carry the crop right through to harvest.  Added trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Manganese and Iron make our Citrus & Fruit fertilizer the best choice for your fruit crop!


For use on vegetables, flowering plants, citrus and fruit trees.

Available in 3kg buckets, 20kg bags, bulka bags and loose bulk.