The Nitrogen Cycle

Last issue we asked the question, “Can organic fertilisers play a role in modern agriculture”? This issue we will look at the table above and start answering this important question.

Our earth`s atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen (N) so it`s no surprise that plants rely on it so greatly. Given that we can buy nitrogen fertilisers in all sorts of forms, how do we choose, and what is best for you and the environment? A product like urea for example, is very high in N, and relatively inexpensive to buy, so each kilogram of nitrogen is quite cheap. Sounds good right? The trouble is that urea suffers from 3 significant N loss pathways as noted in the above table. 1. Volatilization (Loss to the air as ammonia gas) 2. Denitrification (Loss to the air as Nitrogen gas), and 3. Leaching (Loss to groundwater as nitrates)

Organic fertilisers on the other hand, tend to have less N for their price, and therefore have a higher price per kilogram of N than urea does, BUT, they do have a few major advantages. They do not suffer from loss pathway number 1 (Volatilization) at all, and because they release their N slowly (unlike urea) the risk of losing large amounts of N in a waterlogging situation due to pathways 2 and 3 is greatly reduced.

So, the answer is that organic fertilisers are better? Well not necessarily. Most modern crops will need large amounts of N to support the vastly improved yields we now expect, and the large quantities of organic fertilisers required to supply that N are in most circumstances impractical to handle, and yet, the other benefits of using organic fertilisers are quite clear. So, what to do?

The answer is to DO BOTH. Whether you get Katek to blend some NPK fertiliser into our Super Booster just like our N-Phoska + TE, or you use Super Booster or Super Growth and follow it with your own NPK`s, it doesn`t matter. Getting part of your nutrient requirements applied via organics reduces both the environmental risk, and the productivity loss risk by keeping more of your precious nitrogen right where you put it in the first place.


Ian Faulkner, Mackay QLD

This Cane Dwarfs Faulky!

Apart from singing to it every night, Ian Faulkner used Katek’s Organic Super Booster as a side dress on his plant cane with Super Marvellous Results! 

His local store Northern Agriservices Mackay were more than happy to point him in the right direction of Katek Fertilizers and the results speak for themselves!

Interested in Super Booster?

& What it can do to increase your profits?

Australian Organic Certified, Super Booster is the Heart of our fertiliser range here at Katek. Made of naturally composted poultry manure, full of live beneficial microbes and rich in plant available nutrients, it’s just the thing to get your crop growing nicely from root to tip.

The added Humates have great benefits for the soil. They improve nutrient holding ability, stimulate beneficial fungi and help reduce nutrient lockup. Super Booster is created with an organic base rich in organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes. It delivers a slow release of Major & Trace Elements for healthy, balanced soil. This helps to build organic carbon levels (humus) in the soil which has a number of benefits:

  • The soil structure is improved with increased aeration, drainage and improved moisture retention.
  • Soil biology is stimulated, increasing numbers of beneficial microbes and fungi which leads to improved nutrient availability, retention and nutrient uptake by the growing crop.

Suitable for use on flowers, lawns, fruit trees, vegetable crop as well as natives, shrubs & palms, with no fear of burning.

Super Booster is available as Pellets, Granules and Fines in 15kg & 25kg bags, Bulka bags and as loose bulk.

If you’re interested in this product please contact Andrew Weeks 0427 223 307 & he will be more than happy answer all your enquiries.


*Katek’s NEW LOOK Blood & Bone Plus*

Combining the power of Blood & Bone with nutrient rich Poultry Manure into one easy to use pellet!

  • High in Nitrogen & Phosphorus for healthy, green growth and strong root development!
  • Loads of Potassium for great fruit development!
  • Pelletised – convenient and easy to spread compared to traditional powdered blood & bone.
  • Australian Organic Certified product

Blood & Bone is a great source of natural nitrogen for healthy plant growth.  As a soil conditioner, Blood and Bone Plus will encourage earthworms and microbial activity. Maintaining soil health will benefit the whole garden, helping you reap the rewards in abundant fruit, tasty veges and vibrant flowers!

Perfect for Fruit Trees, Vegetable Gardens, Flowers and Shrubs.

Available in 3kg bucket, 18kg bag and bulka bags