“Planting a flower’s like opening a book, because either way you’re starting something. And your garden’s your library”
~ Nora Roberts ~

Feature Plant:


Crunchy, crisp & delicious for your summer salads!

An annual veggie that is easy to grow in a wide range of different types.
These include your typical heart based varieties like Iceberg or
a range of red, purple, green leafy salad varieties.
Where to plant:
You can grow lettuce very easily from seeds, but seedlings are
quicker and provide an earlier harvest. If growing in a cooler
region find a location that receives part sun, however in hotter
regions a shady spot that receives only morning sunshine will be
perfect. Lettuce plants can be grown in pots or garden beds in
well-drained soil. Make sure to mulch around your plants to
keep the soil and roots cool and weeds at bay.
If establishing your plants from seed be sure to keep the soil
moist but not soaked and keep them shaded until they are well
established, especially if planting in the summer heat.
A regular watering of established plants every couple of days
should be all that is needed to keep your lettuce growing strong
but don’t over water as this can cause the plant to wilt and rot.
When prepping your soil in a garden bed be sure to add some
poultry manure pellets to the soil and turn it in well. We
recommend a slow release variety like our Super Growth or
Super Booster fertiliser. If planting into pots be sure to use a
good quality potting mix like our Superior Blend Potting Mix.
Lettuce will benefit from a dose of Katek Neptune seaweed
liquid every couple of weeks to keep the roots growing strong and the plants healthy.
If planted from seed you should be reaping a bountiful harvest around 25 days afterwards for
the leafy salad varieties and from 40-80 days for the larger hearting varieties.
Happy Gardening!

Feature Product:

Lawn & Garden Booster!


Our new product, Lawn & Garden Booster is a nutrient rich, fast acting fertiliser.

Finds its way into the soil quickly, avoiding being picked up by the mower.

Developed to suit all types of turf grass, ornamental plants and vege gardens.

For a lush lawn, beautiful blooms & healthy plants try Lawn & Garden Booster!

Available in a Nursery or Rural Store near you!

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Ageratum Alyssum Cineraria
Cleome Cyclamen Forget-me-not
Iceland Poppy Lobelia Lupin
Marigold Pansy Petunia
Phlox Stock Verbena
Wallflower Zinnia


Ageratum Aster Balsam
Celosia Coxcomb Gomphrena
Impatiens Marigold Salvia
Sunflower Torenia Vinca


Balsam Celosia Coxscomb
Gomphrena Marigold Petunia
Salvia Sunflower Torenia

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Broccoli Celery
Eggplant Kohlrabi Lettuce
Mint Potato Pumpkin
Rockmelon Silverbeet Tomato


Basil Beans Capsicum
Eggplant Tarragon Ginger
Lettuce Oregano Pumpkin
Squash Sweetcorn Tomato


Basil Rosella Sweet Potato

Did you know? Neem oil prevents fungi such as mildew, rust & scab by stopping their spores from germinating. It is also a natural growth regulator.

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Continually harvest herbs to keep them trim and shapely.
  • Don’t forget to water regularly in hot weather.
  • If you’ve got pot plants about the house, fill saucers underneath with sand, which helps conserve moisture in the heat of summer, but also prevents mosquitoes from breeding!
  • Let your chickens loose in the garden to help with pests and weeds! All that scratching saves you work as well, an added bonus!