One of the big questions is when do we use fertilizer? Well, since you asked….

When is the best time to fertilize?

This is a complex question as it really depends on what you are growing. In general though, early Spring is a great time to fertilize roses, citrus trees, vegetables, Australian natives, potted plants and lawns as it encourages leafy growth and the production of flowers and fruit. Many plants will need a boost a few times during the year, to help with fruiting, flowering or to generally keep them growing up healthy and strong.


Spring is a great time to give your lawn a slow release fertilizer. Katek Super Growth is great for building up organic matter and promoting healthy, sustained growth, while Katek Super Grass provides a boost of green, while also releasing nutrients slowly over time. A hand spreader is great for ensuring a perfect spread of fertiliser across the lawn. For maintaining a healthy lush lawn, fertilize every 6-8 weeks during the active growth period.

Citrus Trees

Citrus trees can be fertilised by adding a couple generous handfuls of Katek Super Growth around the tree’s drip line in Spring and again in late Summer.


Vegetables love a slow release fertilizer like Katek Super Growth dug into the soil before planting and then applied again at 6 week intervals throughout the growing season or as needed. For a great liquid fertilizer for small seedlings or to give established plants a boost, add a handful of Katek Super Growth to a watering can and leave it to sit overnight. The pellets will break down and form a great compost tea perfect for settling in newly planted seedlings or as a quick pick me up for wilted plants.


Roses benefit from a good slow release fertilizer applied at regular intervals throughout the blooming season. The key is to give them smaller amounts, more regularly.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants need a good quality slow release fertilizer to last the plant through the growing season. Regular applications (every 8 weeks) are needed to ensure the potting mixture doesn’t become depleted of nutrients.

New Garden Beds

Incorporate a fully composted pelletised fertilizer (like Katek Super Growth) into the soil to promote new growth.