Giant Zucchinis!

Amongst the drought we’ve all been experiencing,  Kevin & Lyn Barnwell have had great success growing GIANT backyard Zucchinis at their home in Bli Bli, Qld!


Not only has their crop been larger than normal but the flavours of their magnificent crop have been exceptional too. Kevin noted that his trick to growing successfully is all to do with the preparation of the soil.


He starts by putting lawn clippings on the garden bed from summer, then adds in some lime and then he adds to that a hefty quantity of Super Growth pellets to the soil and digs it all in together. He usually lets the garden rest until Autumn and then adds another dose of Super Growth pellets and turns the soil over well.


Then he plants in whatever crop he is growing, in this case Zucchini and waters it in well with Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer. He keeps up a regular watering regime and then 3 weeks later repeats the dose of Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer.


If you’re looking at growing SUPER sized Giant Veggies we recommend the powerful combination of Katek’s Super Growth Pellets and Super Growth Liquid Fertiliser!

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