Henry & Dell Kross of Wolvi, Qld, have always been interested in gardening but didn’t have the opportunity to pursue their passion until they retired from small crop farming in December 2004.  Their magnificent country garden, of around an acre – with lots of large trees, flower gardens, ornaments, colourful outdoor settings and garden rooms to enjoy, is proof of their dedication and gardening skill. The Kross’ have developed from scratch a beautiful selection which has allowed them to win overall grand champion garden in the Gympie garden competition for both 2015 and 2016!

Henry, the president of the Gympie Municipal Horticultural Society for over 10 years, stated at the last meeting in June 2017;

“We have quite a large garden and use a lot of fertiliser. We have trialed different fertilisers but always seem to go back to Katek. They give such a variety of products. It has more growth than others which is obvious by the amount of growth in the plants and the really good plant colour. The old adage is ‘If you’re on a good thing, stick to it.”