What our Customers Say about Katek’s Organic Fertilizer Products

September Garden Guide 2018

Feature Plant: Eggplant! Eggplant! Related to potatoes and tomatoes, the fruit is known as a vegetable, but it is actually a berry fruit by botanical definition! Eggplants are very frost tender and love the sunshine so be sure to plant these in an area that receives...

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August Garden Guide 2018

The plant of immortality! Did you know that aloe vera was use by Ancient Chinese and Egyptians for a variety of illnesses, external and internal! This plant is so versatile in growing environment and use!

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Neil Hansen, Gympie, South East Queensland

'PLANTS JUST WENT WILD WITH GROWTH' Neil was chasing something to quickly establish his new front garden, to hide the house tanks and shed on his property. So he asked around for a reputable organic fertiliser and decided on using Katek Fertilizer products. Here's...

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June Garden Guide 2018

Feature Vegetable: Cauliflower! Plant some delicious cauliflowers this winter! Quite easy to grow - these hearty veges will benefit from a good dose of Katek Super Growth All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer every 3-4 weeks! These cool winter weather loving vegetables, love...

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Alex Weeks, Durack, QLD

Little Plants Need Feeding Too
It`s easy to forget that small plants growing in small pots are even more reliant on fertiliser than their larger cousins.

Just ask Alex from Durack in Brisbane.

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May Garden Guide 2018

Feature Plant: Lavender! Representing purity, serenity and calmness - Lavender flowers and oils have long been used for thier antiseptic, fragrance and sleep aid abilities! This drought tolerant, beautiful shrub is a staple for any home garden! There are many...

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Laurel English, North Queensland

Laurel and Gary live in the beachside village of Greenhill about an hours drive south of Mackay in Central Queensland. Having to deal with poor soil quality and limited water due to no town supply, has meant Laurel has found gardening a bit of a challenge. However...

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Beryl Dan, Gympie, Qld

Beryl is a long time fruit, vegetable and flower home gardener. She has been using Katek Super Growth on her garden; stating, “I can’t wait to see more results in a few months – so far so good, I’m very happy with Katek fertilizers on my garden.”

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Jade Simpkins, Beerwah, QLD

Jade Simpkins, has a house block with a large backyard in Beerwah, Qld. She was searching for something to revive her dead, weed-infested lawn and gave us a call at Katek HQ. She purchased some Katek Super Grass and this is what she had to say….

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