“No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden. ”
. . Thomas Jefferson . .

Feature Plant:


Red, Green, Yellow – Crisp & Crunchy deliciousness for your salads!

With a history in America where they have been cultivated for thousands of years, in modern times capsicums are a common vege found all over the world. Also known as the Bell Pepper, these crunchy veges are easy to grow and are packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Capsicums enjoy a rich soil that has plenty of organic matter and compost or some Katek Super Booster pelletised fertiliser that will give them a kick along! You can grow these 60 to 80cm bushy shrubs from seed or seedlings throughout most of the year in the warmer states of Australia, preferring warm conditions for optimal harvest crop quantities.

A regular watering regime is necessary to get the plants established and a fortnightly dose of Katek’s  Neptune Seaweed liquid will keep your plants healthy.

Did you know?

Capsicums are a part of the Nightshade family & are used to create the cooking spice Paprika! Yum!

Feature Product:

Super Cal Liquid Claybreaker!

A fast acting liquid concentrate that delivers 100% available calcium.

1 Litre Bottle of Super Cal is more effective than 20kg Gypsum!

Breaks up clay, balances the soil and improves drainage!

Super Cal is formulated to improve soil structure for gardens and lawns as well as boosting plant health, root growth and the quality of fruits and vegetables!

Now available in a Quick and Easy hose on 1L or 2L pack!

Feature Garden:

Kevin & Lyn Barnwell, Bli Bli Qld!

Giant Zucchinis Galore!

Amongst the drought we’ve all been experiencing,  Kevin & Lyn Barnwell have had great success growing GIANT backyard Zucchinis at their home in Bli Bli, Qld!


Not only has their crop been larger than normal but the flavours of their magnificent crop have been exceptional too. Kevin noted that his trick to growing successfully is all to do with the preparation of the soil.


He starts by putting lawn clippings on the garden bed from summer, then adds in some lime and then he adds to that a hefty quantity of Super Growth pellets to the soil and digs it all in together. He usually lets the garden rest until Autumn and then adds another dose of Super Growth pellets and turns the soil over well.


Then he plants in whatever crop he is growing, in this case Zucchini and waters it in well with Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer. He keeps up a regular watering regime and then 3 weeks later repeats the dose of Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer.


What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Ageratum Alyssum Cineraria
Cleome Cyclamen Forget-me-not
Iceland Poppy Lobelia Lupin
Marigold Pansy Petunia
Phlox Stock Verbena
Wallflower Zinnia


Ageratum Aster Balsam
Celosia Coxcomb Gomphrena
Impatiens Marigold Salvia
Sunflower Torenia Vinca


Balsam Celosia Coxscomb
Gomphrena Marigold Petunia
Salvia Sunflower Torenia

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Broccoli Celery
Mint Potato Pumpkin
Rockmelon Silverbeet Tomato


Basil Beans Capsicum
Eggplant Tarragon Ginger
Lettuce Oregano Pumpkin
Squash Sweetcorn Tomato


Basil Rosella Sweet Potato

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Give all herbs, vegetables, shrubs and flowering plants a dose of Katek’s Neptune Seaweed Liquid Plant Tonic to keep them healthy from root to tip.
  • Use a higher cutting height when mowing your lawn to provide extra shade for the soil and roots and avoid moisture loss!
  • Trim back herbs to prevent fungal infections from humidity and keep the off-cuts to dry and use in cooking and as home remedies.
  • Neaten up hedges and evergreen trees to encourage bushy growth.
  • Re-mulch your gardens after a good watering with Katek’s Not Just Mulch about 7cm thick. This will keep the soil & plants