An avid gardener Joan is always outside in her beautiful gardens.
She grows a range of bright, colourful, odd and usual plants ranging from; hibiscus, hydrangeas, orchids, gingers, natives, bromeliads, flowering shrubs & trees as well as hardy succulents and cactus too!
Always on the lookout for new garden tips Joan was recommended Katek Fertilizers at a local store when her plants needed a little something to get them back to health.

‘I have been growing plants and gardening for a long time and I have found that its best to give everything a dose of fertiliser every few weeks and especially after rain. I mostly use Chicken Manure pellets on everything and a bit of blood and bone here and there to keep the flowers blooming and the plants healthy.’

‘I love nature and the wonder of giving my plants a little nourishment and watching them grow into something beautiful – Super Growth has helped a lot with that’.

‘I find that the fertiliser keeps their flowers blooming longer and the plant itself healthy and strong. Since switching to using Katek Super Growth I have found everything has that much needed kick along a lot quicker – even my little plants and cuttings in their pots’.

‘The odd and unusual plants are my favourite and I try to find lots of different ones that work well together with the plants I already have. I do love my garden and seeing the results of my efforts sure brings a smile to my face.’