Carbon, the topic of our generation

Carbon has been in the news a bit over the last few decades, mostly with a negative connotation. This however is a good news story, Carbon is critical to your success as a farmer, but unlike many other critical factors in your operation, you can control it!

It is often over looked, that Soil Organic Carbon plays an important role in ensuring food security. This is achieved by enhancing soil productivity and maintaining consistently high yields, particularly by increasing water and nutrient holding capacity and improved soil structure, thus improving plant growth conditions.

Christopher Johns, 2017

The statement above is something that fortunately is becoming more widely accepted every day. The understanding that the relationship between plants, soil microbiology, fertilisers, and the soil itself is dictated to a large degree by the amount of carbon present is driving a fresh approach to mainstream agronomy in all sectors of Australian agriculture. This change of heart has come from two distinct directions, acknowledging the slow but steady decline in soil fertility, despite the use of ever greater volumes of fertilisers, and the emergence of products that can supply this carbon in a form that can be delivered right where it needs to go.

I have never met a farmer who said they would like to spend more money on fertiliser, but I know plenty who would like better value for the money they do spend. The key to that door for many, may well be carbon.

Next issue we will talk a little more about practical carbon management.

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