“When gardeners garden, its not just the plants that grow, but the gardeners themselves.”   

~ Ken Druse ~

Feature Plant:


Popeye’s favourite, spinach the super green!

This dark green leafy vege is packed with loads of nutrients important for skin, hair and bone health. It is one of the most versatile leafy greens which can be eaten raw and cooked and blended into smoothies too!

The spinach takes it roots from ancient Persia and is still a widely popular vegetable today! The plant is easy to grow, preferring a sunny position with well drained soil and plenty of organic fertiliser and a steady watering regime.

The best time of the year to grow Spinach is from Spring to late Autumn. Remember to give your plants a dose of liquid seaweed fertiliser like Katek Neptune & Super Growth every couple of weeks and you’ll have plenty of leafy greens to harvest in no time at all!

Feature Product:

Super Grass Lawn Fertiliser!

Ideal for Lawns & Gardens!

Our specialised composted poultry manure with
synthetic high performance fertiliser provides
excellent results on all types of nature and hybrid
turf and lawns, including buffalo, couch, carpet
grass! It’s the secret to a healthy, lush green lawn
that’ll make the neighbours green with envy!

Available in 3kg & 12kg buckets, 20kg, 35kg & Bulk Bags!

Feature Farm:

Ian Faulkner, Mackay QLD

Ian is a sugar cane grower in the Mackay Region.

Apart from singing to it every night, Ian uses Katek’s Super Booster as a side
dress on his plant cane, experiencing great results.
Super Booster is a composted poultry manure product with added
humates and microbes. The slow release pellets help build
organic carbon levels in the soil which improves the soils structure
and stimulates soil biology.

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Antirrhinum Begonia Carnation Cornflower Cosmos Dianthus Gazania Hollyhock Impatiens Lobelia Marigold Petunia Salvia Zinnia


Ageratum  Aster     Balsam  Carnation  Cosmos    Dianthus Geranium  Gerbera  Impatiens Marigold   Pansy   Petunia  Rudebeckia  Sunflower  Verbena


Antirrhinum Begonia Carnation Coxscomb Coleus Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus Gerbera Kangaroo Paw Marigold Petunia Portulaca Salvia Sunflower Torenia Verbena

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Broccoli Carrot Celery Eggplant Lettuce Mint Pumpkin Rockmelon Silverbeet Strawberries Tomato


Artichokes Asparagus Beans Beetroot Capsicum Carrot Chives Ginger Lettuce Mint Radish Zucchini


Basil Ginger Mustard Greens Rosella Sweet Corn Sweet Potato

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Remulch garden beds ready for the warmer weather.
  • Aerate your lawn with a pitchfork or aerating device, your lawn will love you  for it!
  • Prune fig trees to shape and improve fruit crop for the next season. Mulch around the base.
  • Feed Mangoes & Bananas with Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer or an all round fertiliser like Katek Super Growth.
  • Fertilise all plants and lawns and water in well.