By bringing a consciousness to
gardening sacred space can be created outdoors”
~ S. Kelley Harrell ~

Feature Plant:


Sweet and juicy – best straight off the tree or freshly squeezed on ice!

This evergreen citrus tree usually brought as a grafted tree from your local nursery produces many large harvests of fruit each year once matured (at around 3 years old).

The fruit produced is pale yellow, smooth and round with flesh that has a sweet flavour.

New trees are best planted at the start of Spring in a full sun position, in soil with good drainage, this tree can grow to 2 to 5 metres high and can also be grown in pots too.

Citrus trees are known to be heavy feeders and the hardy Lemonade is no different, it is best to give your tree a dose of well-balanced fertiliser like our Super Phoska Citrus & Fruit blend in February, July & November each year sprinkling the fertiliser around the trunk and out to the edge of the canopy of the tree and watering it in well.

A regular watering regime when the tree is young is important to get it’s root system established and once that is done you can water weekly or as needed per the seasons.

You will find you’ll have to beat the kids and the birds from eating these delicious fruits right off the tree!

Did you know?

The tasty lemonade was created as a hybrid cross of a Meyer lemon & New Zealand grapefruit. Yum!

Feature Product:

Super Phoska Citrus & Fruit!

For an Abundance of Delicious, Healthy Fruit!

Organic Composted Poultry Manure Base
N 7.4% P 3.1% K 6.9%
Specially formulated with boosted potash & more for large, healthy fruit with loads of flavour!
Available in 3kg, 18kg bags & bulk

Feature Garden:

Rachael & Matthew Dodd, Gympie Qld!

Great results growing at Home!

“Using Katek Fertilizers I have managed to grow the best veggies I have ever grown with minimal effort!I use Super Growth on the veggie garden and Neptune brought my bamboo back to life after a dry wet season.

The potting mix is the best I have ever bought, it makes the other brands look like a bag of mulch!

Thanks for such great products!”

What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Alyssum Aster Crysanthemum
Cornflower Dahlia Dianthus
Foxglove Gazania Hollyhock
Impatiens Lobelia Marigold
Petunia Salvia Zinnia


Ageratum Aster Balsam
Carnation Cosmos Dianthus
Geranium Gerbera Impatiens
Marigold Pansy Petunia
Rudebeckia Sunflower Verbena


Ageratum Amaranthus Begonia
Crysanthemum Coxscomb Coleus
Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus
Gerbera Kangaroo Paw Marigold
Petunia Portulaca Salvia
Sunflower Torenia Verbena

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Beetroot Capsicum
Cucumber Leeks Potato
Pumpkin Rockmelon Silverbeet
Sweet Corn Tomato Turnip


Artichokes Asparagus Capsicum
Eggplant Pumpkin Sweet Potato
Tomato Turnip Watermelon


Basil Ginger Sweet Corn
Sweet Potato Taro

Did you know?  Chickens absolutely love all types of cabbage. Plant some that your chickens can eat and the chlorophyll from the cabbage will help make their egg yolks ultra golden.

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Remove any dead branches from shrubs, trees and perennials once they’ve sprouted new spring growth.
  • Start spring and summer veggies and herbs from seed indoors and transplant into the garden once they are around 3cm tall.
  • Prune back hibiscus bushes
  • Weed gardens and lay down some mulch
  • Keep up a regular watering regime as the weather gets hotter.
  • Plant new citrus trees with a handful of Super Growth fertiliser pellets thrown into the planting hole