Stunning Orchid – Grown on Katek of Course!

This Exotic blue Vanda Orchid was grown from a tiny seed in tissue culture to begin with and look at it now!

Grown in ideal location in part shade and receiving partial afternoon sunshine, this orchid is one of many species grown by Kevin Rimmington in Qld.

He says his secret to get the best results out of his orchids all comes down to patience and the right combination of sunshine, water and fertiliser. He waters them every week during the summer months, feeding their roots with a spray bottle while during Winter they become dormant so he only gives them water when they need it.

During the warmer growing seasons of the year, every four weeks he applies Katek Neptune Seaweed Concentrate and Katek Super Growth Liquid Fertiliser combined in a spray bottle to the roots of the plant and the results speak for themselves!

What a wonderful bloom – Happy Gardening!

If you’re an avid orchid grower, your plants will love this growing combination of Katek’s Seaweed Concentrate and Super Growth Liquid Fertiliser!

You can find it in a store near you or get it delivered direct through our online shop!