Commercial Grower Spotlight

Ian Faulkner, Mackay Qld

This Cane Dwarfs Faulky!

Apart from singing to it every night, Ian Faulkner used Katek’s Organic Super Booster as a side dress on his plant cane with super marvellous results!

His local store Northern Agriservices Mackay were more than happy to point him the right direction of Katek Fertilizers and the results speak for themselves!

Interested in Super Booster?

& What it can do to increase your profits?

Australian Organic Certified, Super Booster is the Heart of our fertiliser range here at Katek. Made of naturally composted poultry manure, full of live beneficial microbes and rich in plant available nutrients, it’s just the thing to get your crop growing nicely from root to tip.

The added Humates have great benefits for the soil. They improve nutrient holding ability, stimulate beneficial fungi and help reduce nutrient lockup. Super Booster is created with an organic base rich in organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes. It delivers a slow release of Major & Trace Elements for healthy, balanced soil. This helps to build organic carbon levels (humus) in the soil which has a number of benefits:

  • The soil structure is improved with increased aeration, drainage and improved moisture retention.
  • Soil biology is stimulated, increasing numbers of beneficial microbes and fungi which leads to improved nutrient availability, retention and nutrient uptake by the growing crop.

Suitable for use on flowers, lawns, fruit trees, vegetable crop as well as natives, shrubs & palms, with no fear of burning.

Super Booster is available as Pellets, Granules and Fines in 15kg & 25kg bags, Bulka bags and as loose bulk.

Our Sales Manager Andrew Weeks would love to answer any questions you may have about our products and help you choose the right product for your fertiliser program or customise a blend to suit your soil needs.

For more information or to chat about product options, give Andrew a call on 0427 223 307.