A long-time garden enthusiast, Anne has created her garden with an amazing assortment of drought tolerant and sun hardy varieties of flowers, shrubs, natives, vegetables & fruit trees to suit the harsh Queensland weather.
A big fan of organic fertiliser and seaweed liquid, Anne discovered Katek Super Growth fertiliser pellets and Katek Neptune Seaweed Concentrate at a local garden expo. So pleased with the results on her garden and the health of her plants she now recommends Katek to her family and friends.

“I’m not usually one to try new things, but when I discovered Katek Fertilizers
and found that both their products, Super Growth & Neptune, were
organic I thought why not give them a go? I’m sure glad I did, I’ve been using
them religiously on everything in the garden and couldn’t be more pleased
with the results.”

“My flowers & shrubs have never looked so bright and
they keep blooming long after you’d usually expect them to die off. The
natives I have growing are no longer straggly and have millions of flowers –
season after season!”


“My vegetables and fruit trees produce more crops than ever and the crop is
so tasty and delicious. I’ll never use anything but Katek in my garden from
now on – it has never looked so good!”