““Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Luther Burbank ~

Feature Plant:


Juicy, Sweet & Oh So More-ish! 

Mulberries are common in most home gardens, known for their delicious fruit harvested in Spring and use as a shade tree. They are a self fertile tree that are known for their hardiness and fast, easy growth rates in the sub-tropics.

Lovers of full sun and moist, slightly acidic yet fertile soil your Mulberry tree could reach heights of 5 to almost 20 metres! If you want to keep your mulberry tree at it’s tip-top shape prune it back in Winter, by removing weak growth and to make it easier to reach the fruit without a ladder and also re-prune after the summer crop to maintain the shape and size of your tree!

It’s best to mulch around the base of your tree in Spring to help keep the roots moist when the heat sets up and also give a good dose of an all-purpose fertiliser like Katek’s Super Growth!

Top Tip:

Water regularly in the first few years & feed your tree in late winter with blood and bone! Katek’s Blood & Bone Plus is best!

Feature Product:

Super Growth Fertilizer Pellets!


Super Growth is based on biologically active, fully composted poultry manure. Super Growth also contains a number of other ingredients chosen for their ability to enhance plant growth, promote strong root and shoot development and improve fruiting and flowering.

Super Growth will help improve soil condition and water retention, delivering a slow continuous release of essential nutrients, with no risk of burning.

For lush lawns, vibrant flowers and an abundance of tasty fruits and vegetables, Super Growth does it all!

Australian Organic Registered product, suitable for use on organic gardens and farms.

Available in 3kg & 12kg Buckets, 15kg & 25kg Bags & Bulk Bags.

Feature Farm:

Cross Farms, Bundaberg Qld!

Trevor Cross of Cross Farms, and Eddie Uridge from Northside Produce in Bundaberg, look at a block of Cabbages that were planted on a Katek custom blend.

High yielding crops remove large amounts of organic matter from the soil so replacing those nutrients
that are lost applies to both large scale farming and your own home garden.
Building up the soil by adding organic matter and a nutrient rich product based on chicken manure
means that crops can be grown in the same soil each year without a decline in yield or the need for
chemical fertilisers.

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What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Alyssum Aurora Daisy Cineraria
Cornflower Cyclamen English Daisy
French Marigold Iceland poppy Lobelia
Lupin Pansy Polyanthus
Primula Snapdragon Stock
Strawflower Sweet Pea Viola


Ageratum Allysum Candytuft
Carnation Dianthus Everlasting Daisy
Iceland Poppy Impatiens Marigold
Sweet Pea Viola


Ageratum Aster Balsam
Crysanthemum Coxscomb Coleus
Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus
Everlasting Daisy Kangaroo Paw Marigold
Petunia Portulaca Salvia
Sunflower Torenia Verbena

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Beetroot Garlic
Leek Lettuce Onion
Silverbeet Potatoes Tomato


Coriander Garlic Broad Beans
Lettuce Onion Peas
Shallots Spinach Turnip


Beans Beetroot Cucumber
Lettuce Squash Zucchini

Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Time to finish planting bare rooted trees, shrubs and perennials while they are dormant for winter.
  • Prune your citrus trees and fertilise with Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer.
  • Re-mulch your garden beds as the warmer weather comes in. The ideal depth is about 10cm deep with Katek Not Just
    Mulch to stop weeds growing through.
  • Time to take cuttings of frangipanis!
  • Start your spring vegetable seedlings indoors so they are ready for transplanting next month!