Trevor Cross , and Eddie Uridge from Northside Produce in Bundaberg, look at a block of Cabbages that were planted on a Katek custom blend. Eddie has been working with Trevor Cross of Cross Farms on a way to keep Trevor’s sandy soils producing high quality crops well into the future.


“High yielding crops remove large amounts of organic matter from the soil so replacing at least some of what is lost seems common sense. By doing this the we can maintain the viability of the soil in the long term.  We discused various options, from Super Booster to Super Growth & Super Phoska.  Each product has its benefits.  In the end we chose a Custom Blend”.


Trevor’s view is farily simple “We really see a difference when we stack organic matter in and these products are easy to use and economical.  I think the results speak for themselves”.


Katek has a large range of off the shelf products, or as Trevor found out,  there is an endless array of possibilities when it comes to Katek’s custom blend capabilities.

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