David and Andrew Moon of Moon Rocks operate a mixed cropping business on approximately 500 hectares in and around the Western Queensland town of St George. The farm production is split between high value crops of garlic, onions, broccoli and cotton. Moon Rocks have worked carefully over a number of years to fine-tune field production techniques and in particular their crop nutrition using local and international agronomic expertise.  The dual aim has been to drive both productivity and especially the quality of horticultural crops for domestic and Asian export markets.


Last season, David Moon liaised with Greg Mills, Senior Agronomist at Cotton Growers Services to develop and refine a Katek manufactured blend designed with their specific crop requirements in mind. Because the soil has a naturally high pH, iron is of particular concern. Problems like this however, are no match for the production team at Katek. A few tweaks of their state of art ribbon blenders and the Moon Rocks high iron blend is manufactured to the exact specifications set down by Greg.

”Ordinarily this would be a major project, but the facilities at Katek`s Gympie plant make the process very easy”.

As for David, it sounds like he is sold on the idea.

“We put Katek blend under every square metre of horticulture this season, and the results speak for themselves”. 

Moon Rocks believe that excellent crop nutrition combined with favourable seasonal conditions has delivered the best yield and quality of garlic, onions and broccoli that they have ever achieved.


In a boost for Aussie farming, David spoke of his agreement with supermarket giant, Coles.

“Through our increase in production this year, we have been able to supply all the garlic that Coles needs to supply their national distribution chain, which in turn has meant that they no longer need to conduct the usual seasonal imports from overseas”.

With this success in the bank, Greg is now turning his attention to the cotton,

“I will be looking to get some demo sites in place asap. There is no doubt Katek products can be part of the soil health solution in broadacre cropping, we just need to figure out what the best fit and economic use pattern will be; so watch this space”.



Andrew Weeks and David Moon.

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