~ Jessica Coupe

Feature Plant:

Kangaroo Paw!

Kangaroo Paw is an iconic Australian plant which grows from a rhizome, which is capable of producing the shoot and root systems of a new plant. There are many varieties, producing lovely long stemmed flowers which provide a great nectar treat for birds. Kangaroo Paws flower during Spring & Summer.

Where to Plant: Somewhere with full sun and good drainage. Organic matter can be added to the soil. A good choice is Super Booster or Lawn & Garden Booster. Water with a liquid seaweed like Neptune to reduce shock when planting.

Watering: Water during early Spring & Summer as this is the peak growing time. Kangaroo Paw will tend to be fairly drought tolerant during the remainder of the year.

Pruning: Pruning is a key element to growing attractive, healthy Kangaroo Paw. Cutting back helps encourage vigorous growth and helps reduce disease. Prune back hard, right to ground level.

Propagation: Kangaroo Paw grow in clumps, which means as they grow they can be divided. Kangaroo Paw can also be grown from seed.

Fertilising: A slow release fertiliser like Super Growth Pellets is ideal – sprinkle some around the base & watch it grow! Fertilise around March after cutting back and again in Spring


Feature Product:

Neptune Seaweed Concentrate!

A complete garden seaweed health treatment that improves nutrient uptake, promotes strong root development, fruiting and flowering. Regular applications reduce heat stress, frost tolerance and improve pest & disease resistance.
Australian Organic Registered
Available in 1L, 5L, 20 & 200L drums

Available in a Nursery or Rural Store near you!


What to Plant:


Cool Climate/Temperate:

Antirrhinum Begonia Carnation Cornflower Cosmos Dianthus

Gazania Hollyhock Impatiens Lobelia Marigold Petunia

Salvia Zinnia


Alyssum Aster Begonia Carnation Cockscomb

Dianthus Geranium Gerbera Impatiens Marigold Pansy

Petunia Rudebeckia Sunflower Verbena


Antirrhinum Begonia Carnation Coxscomb Coleus Cosmos

Dahlia Dianthus Gerbera Kangaroo Paw Marigold Petunia

Portulaca Salvia Sunflower Torenia Verbena

Vegetables & Herbs:

Cool Climate/Temperate:

Beans Broccoli Carrot Celery Eggplant Lettuce

Mint Pumpkin Rockmelon Silverbeet Strawberries Tomato


Artichokes Asparagus Beans Beetroot Capsicum Carrot

Chives Ginger Lettuce Mint Radish Zucchini


Basil Ginger Mustard Greens Rosella Sweet Corn Sweet Potato



Did you know? Green manures like soybean, cowpea or oats are a great way to enrich soil structure.  Dig them in to increase organic matter and improve fertility.



Super Chicken’s Top Tips!  

  • Give all gardens a good weeding! Remulch garden beds ready for summer.
  • Aerate your lawn – use an aerating device or garden fork – your lawn will love you for it!
  • Fertiliser all plants and lawn and water in well.
  • Plant passionfruit vines with a boost of Katek Blood & Bone and lots of mulch & water.
  • Feed Mangoes & Bananas with Katek Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer or an all round fertiliser like Super Growth.