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Ross Cotton & The Veggie Patch, Hervey Bay QLD

Ross Cotton lives in the coastal township of Hervey Bay, Queensland. Ross's Herb & Vegetable garden has grown into a highly productive food production. 'People ask me how do you keep your garden looking so healthy? The answer is quite simple. STOP using...

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Sugar Cane ~ Super Results!

COMMERCIAL GROWER SPOTLIGHT Ian Faulkner, Mackay QLD This Cane Dwarfs Faulky! Apart from singing to it every night, Ian Faulkner used Katek's Organic Super Booster as a side dress on his plant cane with Super Marvellous Results!  His local store Northern Agriservices...

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Jo Petersen, Woolooga, South East QLD

“We grow 4 to 5 thousand Rosella plants each year. We find Katek Super Growth is ideal and has boosted yield by 20% and the plants look fantastic”. “We also grow a few tonnes of Snow Peas. We plant on Katek Super Growth and on flowering, side dress with Katek N Phoska...

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Customised Blend sends Farmers over the Moon!

ON SITE AT MOON ROCKS, ST GEORGE, QLD: Farmer David Moon and Greg Mills, Senior Agronomist at Cotton Growers Services - Emerald. David and Andrew Moon of Moon Rocks operate a mixed cropping business on approximately 500 hectares in and around the Western Queensland...

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Childers Farm success with Katek Customised Blend!

Jules Keller from Lindsay Rural Childers and Andrew Haaksma. Andrew Haaksma farms on a patch of contoured red soil just on the northern outskirts of Childers. He grows a variety of crops from zucchinis to passionfruit to snow peas. Previous generations of Andrew`s...

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Tim Sullivan, Biloela, Central QLD

For the past four years Tim has been using Katek Super Growth worked into the soil prior to planting to ensure the plants have the nutrients needed for their quick growing cycle.
Tim has found this seasons coriander to have vigour about it and the colour is right, due to Katek Super Growth of course! “We don’t use anything else.”

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Ronnie Sommer, Sommer Bros Dairy, Witta

“The difference is there to be seen, our paddocks have handled the drought better & the clover is back. The grass is so much sweeter, the cows now congregate where the Super Growth has been applied & keep their heads to the ground.”
“The results are there to be seen, we have noticed a big difference”

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Roy & Kerry Gibson, Garden Jazz

“We would like to endorse Katek Super Growth. We have been using this product in our business for over 10 years throughout our 45 properties from Maroochydore to Golden Beach.”
“We recommend only these products to any and all who seek our advice”.

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John & Joyce Walsh, Small Crop Growers

“I’m very happy with it, we use it on all of our vegetables. We like to pick it as fresh as we can; everything is young and lush, which produces the good flavour”, he said. As someone who enjoys the fruits of his own labour, Mr Walsh can testify to the goodness of his crop.

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Gavin, Turfgrass – Mackay, Queensland

Turfgrass Queensland currently operates farms at Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville with some 300 acres under production. Gavin Franettovich from Turfgrass Mackay has been using bulk bags of Katek Supergrass on his turf farms as well as retailing Katek Supergrass in...

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Macadamias @ Falkirk Farm

Macadamias represent the very essence of Australia and this little native Australian nut has become a global success story. This month we visited Falkirk Farm, a beautiful macadamia orchard in Lower Wonga, Queensland. James & Aimee Thomas and their four young boys came from a background in cotton and moved to the region in search…

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